Maximus Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm, White

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6.00 LBS
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Product Overview


Lighting Facts Per Bulb

Brightness 2400 lumens
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost $4.34
Based on 3 hrs/day, 11¢/kWh
Cost depends on rates and use
Based on 3 hrs/day18.3 years
Light Appearance
3000 K
Energy Used36 watts

Do you want to protect your home with HD cameras and get alerts when someone arrives at your home wherever you are? This is the best product on the market providing multiple functions for all your needs. 

Set up is easy, it’s as simple as installing the fixture and downloading the Kuna app. Once installed, the fixture will automatically connect to WiFi, from there, connect the fixture and the app to start streaming live video.

The Maximus fixture will start recording when it detects motion. It will then send an alert to the smart phone it is connected to. The user has the ability to open the app when alerted to either talk to the person near the fixture, sound an alarm, play a recorded message or just to view the footage live stream or the recording. 

  • 270° and 70' Range (8' mounting height) - Detect far and wide for ultimate security and safety
  • Viewing angle 155°
  • 1080p HD Camera - High Definition live streaming and video recordings
  • Get instant alerts as visitors come to your door
  • Dimmable - Light control via app. 
  • 2-Way Intercom - Talk to your visitors with clear, crisp audio
  • Smart Detection - Begins recording 10 seconds before an event is triggered
  • Alexa Compatible - Allows users to control fixture with verbal commands
  • Adjustable positioning for precise illumination and visibility
  • Weather resistant against snow, rain and humidity

Helpful tips:

  • A 14 day trial of the premium plan will automatically start when the first fixture is installed.
  • On the recordings tab on the app, swipe right to show the two options “person” or “not person”. These two commands will “train” your fixture over time to ignore things such as a flag waving or a bird flying by.
  • Essential Security (Ideal for smaller homes with a single entry point) - $4.99/Month
  • Peace of Mind (Perfect for single-family homes with multiple entry points) - $9.99/Month
  • Absolute Control (Ideal for a large home desiring maximum coverage) - $19.99/Month


(No reviews yet) Write a Review